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Simple hairstyling tutorials for short hair that you can use on any occasion

This hairstyle became known from the Second World War, as a result of this women did not have time to fix their hair so they chose to cut it to the point of having a rather masculine style, hence the name in French.

Said hairstyle has become one of the most striking at present because of its characteristics since it not only looks good on most women and is eye-catching but also gives women a sense of freedom and freshness.

It is also a cut with wide versatility due to the fact that it adapts to the personality of each person and depending on the hairstyle you can look more daring or more serious depending on the occasion.

It is because of these characteristics that this haircut has gained a new wave of fame and has been known by many celebrities giving new irreverent styles and giving them their personal touch to differentiate them from others.

This style is very versatile although it is recommended mainly to those thin, high neck and long face women that accentuates the face and highlights its features, it is important to take care of the ears since they are an important part in this style and, as a primary factor , is the most recommended cut for women with fine hair.

Characteristic by the movement that it generates due to its asymmetric cuts and of irregular form, being more noticeable in the part of the bangs.

In this cut the nape of the neck is left clear but the ears are covered more and more strands of hair are left, marking them on the fringe. It is a style of garçon more covered for those women who do not dare to cut lower.

Characterized by being quite short in all areas of the hair except for the front part that makes up the fringe which is combed to one side to maintain a striking and feminine touch for this style.

For being one of the most versatile hairstyles of the time is becoming more and more used by women around the world so if you meet the qualities to wear it and want to give a twist to your old hair, with this cut You can get great results and adapt it to what you like most.

Simple hairstyling tutorials for short hair that you can use on any occasion

Simple hairstyling tutorials for short hair that you can use on any occasion

Many women are reluctant to use a short hair style because they believe that the options to comb it in different ways are few, but it does not have to be that way. While it is true that long hair allows you to play more with styles and textures, having short hair is not an obstacle to make different hairstyles.

Here we present 10 hairstyling tutorials for short hair that you can follow step by step to give variety to your style and look elegant in a few minutes.

Simple and elegant (above)

Perfect for any event
Tutorial hairstyles short hair

Tutorial hairstyles short hair

Short hair can be styled quickly and easily–sometimes all it takes is 10 minutes. If you’ve just cut your hair short and aren’t sure how to style it, we have all the perfect short hairstyles tutorials for you! Our list of 27 short hairstyles will give you some quick and easy ideas on how to style your hair for any occasion in 10 minutes or less. This list of short hairstyles will give you major hairspiration every day of the year!

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